Good morning everyone (well at least, it’s morning here), GMT +7 if you wonder what my timezone is.

Well, everything has its beginning. And I could say, that this, with no doubt or hesitating anymore, would be the beginning of my blog.

Finally, a blog. My very own blog. I used to read some blogs here and there while I had a lot of spare time, and now, I have my own blog. While reading this, you might think I’m a retard or a sort of that brainless-thing because I’m happy just because I made a blog, no? Actually, I’m not. It’s just because I don’t have much time to do so due to my daily routines.

Well then, I guess I should introduce myself.

My name is Arif Pratama Zulkarnain. I was born in July 12th, 1988. I like to read books, blogs, papers, news or whatever has texts on it. I love enjoying them on several places which could give me solitude or places having fine athmosphere such as coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants  or another cozy places. Yes, I would definitely spend my whole day on one of those places for sure. Whether it would be for reading, writing or just relaxing for a moment. And the other thing I like is having caffeine drinks like Red Bull, Espresso, Coffee, or anything that contains caffeine on it. Some say that it’s addictive, but I, myself, would be brave enough to put big “NO” signs every 5 metres of the sidewalks just to ensure that it is not. So, won’t you just believe me? Please?ROFL

Oh, well. I feel so goddamn sleepy right now. I guess that’s all for the introduction. Can’t wait to post a thing or two later. xD

Thank you for sparing your time to read my new useless blog.


Arif Pratama Z


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