I hate being in the crowd.
But I love being around you.

I hate waiting.
But it’s a grace if the person I’m waiting for is you.

I hate having not-important conversation with others.
But I enjoy every single word I exchange with you.

I don’t care about my appearance when I’m going to go out somewhere.
But I do really care if it’s you whom I’m going with.

I love being in a place of solitude.
But I hate being in silence when I’m with you.

I hate being taken for granted.
But I’m doing everything just to ensure that you’re happy, though I will be the one who’s miserable.

I don’t care about what happens to the others.
But I don’t want anything bad happens to you, not even a single thing.

Such paradoxes, aren’t they?

I wish I could tell you those things…


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