The Only Perfect Dress

Have you ever, by any chance, stared at a dress you anxiously wanted but at that time you still couldn’t afford that dress so that you would buy it once you can?

That dress. Yes, that gorgeous dress was displayed on the retail window of pricey boutique at the end of the street. You could see it from the outside. Actually, you always saw it whenever you walked across that street because it’s the same street where you walked home every evening.

Then, you would halt your pace for some minute right in front of the retail window. Adoring that astonishing dress, imagining how you’d look like on that dress. It would be perfectly suited you, you’d think.

In fact, that dress was the only one in that store. Once someone bought it, it’s all over for you. No more adoring, no more imagining, no more halting in front of the retail window of that boutique, there would be only regret left.

Could you imagine how it would hurt you? Well, of course, you could perhaps find another dress which was looking similar to it. But no, it wouldn’t be as perfectly fitted on you as it was. Nothing will ever replace it.

And by the time you’re wondering why I wrote all of these, I want to tell you that it’s all because that’s what you’re meant to me. For God’s sake, I can’t afford losing you, the one that I never had before.

I wish I could get any better than this. I really wish so. Help me God, please?

Who the hell do I think I am, by the way?


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