…an introspection that fails


March is going to end pretty soon…

It’s been such a long long time since I didn’t post anything here. Didn’t you miss me? Or did you happy of having the world without me at all? Were you having a good time? WERE YOU HAPPY, HUH?

Okay, I’m just joking with all things I wrote before, don’t take it seriously. Or else, you’ll get yourself a complicated heart attack with regular seizures every night which’s just too much for you so that you don’t want to see the world anymore. So just…Don’t think about it okay. That way, you’ll be just fine. Trust me.

But, seriously, honestly, REALLY, I want to post something serious here. Whether you like it or not, whether you’re ready or not, whether you don’t like the way the legislative candidates promoting themselves  or not, whether you don’t think that it’s a good idea to wear black dresses on such hot day or not, I really really want to post it so badly.

Okay, the last two things I mentioned above has nothing to do with this post anyway, so we’d better skip it for your health. I didn’t want something bad happen to you and I’d say, neither did you. So let’s get started then.

I needed an introspection, I’d say. And this, would be my introspective effort so that I won’t ever do these things ever again in my life.

Thinking about recently, I started lots of things but ended up with nothing. And why the hell was that anyway?

I could figure out something. And if there’s anything or anyone to be accused, blamed, or whatever you’d like to call it–for all of those things, that had to be me. Yes. Frankly, I was the real problem here.

I took the story that I wrote for an example.  I came up with a bunch of ideas out of my mind.  But I failed on writing the climax. I always did.

Did you have any idea about why that happened to me?

Unfortunately, I had.

‘Then why the hell did you write these things you ZOMGWTFBBQ retards?’ , you might have asked me.

I have told you, this is my introspective effort in order not to fall in the same hole again. So don’t ask anything about it again you nOOb!!

Oh, thinking about it once again, I was the one who asked a question to myself. I must be the one who has to apologize here, no? Then please, from the deep of my heart, I humbly beg for your apologies. Will you forgive me? Please? I promise I won’t ever do it again!

Ah, I’d better stop telling craps before I lost my points in writing this post. Seriously guys, SERIOUSLY!!!

Then let’s start, shall we? Okay.

My lecturer once said, the one who learned is the one who never falls in the same hole again. Pretty good point. I guess, I understand what it means. It means that it’s okay to fall into another hole, right? Ah, no? Then what does it mean? God…I thought it’s just simply like that. It looked like I was having bad perceptions in anything, including this one. Pity me, I know.

My bad, I lost the whole points I wanted to write here and ended up writing things like these which are totally a mess. Not to mention the precious times you wasted just to read this crappy post.

I guess I should post my introspective effort next time since it’s already morning now.  Trust me, I really do want to change and do an introspection myself!! But I’m just t0o tired for that now. Everything has its own time. Everything. Oh, and don’t you ever tell that I’m making an excuse to skip this instrospection thingy out of myself. Because that’s not it, okay? I don’t want anyone to misunderstand my good intention on it. I really don’t.

That’s it, I guess. I’m really sleepy so that I’m happy right now, thinking that she’s right here next to me doing exactly what I want her to do.

Oh, and it’s a ‘NO’, if there’s someone who’s curious enough asking and  I won’t tell both of these things:
1. to whom this ‘she’ word refers to.
2. what I want her to do.
Use your own imagination for that. Let your imagination runs wild ,baby! YEAH!

Well, before you want me to ‘SHUT MY MOUTH UP’, oh but I haven’t said anything, I typed it. Okay. Instead, let’s change this into “before you want me having my fingers broken so that I can’t type anymore”. Aw, that’s a nice one. I like it. Whatever, let me end this anyway before I waste 3 hours just to post these loads of craps. So, bye.

Good morning everyone! Yawn~


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