Faith and Fear

Okay. I’ve been being hiatus for about 4 months or more.

“What did I do?”, you might ask me.

I was too lazy to update this blog. Oh well. Bad reason, eh?

Now, while I’ve got the time, I’m going to post something.

This time it’s about FAITH AND FEAR.

‘What is the most incredible thing about human?’, you might ask. It , I personally assume, the five lettered word we always hear of, that is…


Yes, faith.
Sure, it might be related to religion things. But that’s exactly not what I want to write right now.
I would define that word as, ‘to believe in something fully even when there’s possibility that can ruin that belief itself.’

Have faith of something and somehow, it would become real even in no time at all.
You could almost do everything that one might say, ‘impossible’, when you have faith on it.
And that would explain about why human think that God or another existence had given them any help.

People pray to God. Wishing that they would be given money, better life, health, friends, everything.
That won’t come true if those people don’t believe that they deserve it.
We can say, they still don’t have faith about it. And what did they get?
Of course. Nothing.

But when you prayed to God. And you worked for it. You will feel that you deserve everything that you prayed before. Then, that will be the time when you earn everything you ever wished for.
How does it sound like? Who doesn’t want that,eh?

‘So, is it that simple?’, you might ask once again.
Well that’s quite conditional, so I’d answer that with both Yes and No.
-Yes, it is that simple if only you can have faith on things without any doubt in your mind.
-No, if you’re still having doubts or fears while you’re doing that ‘something’.

Basically, in order to be in faith you need to diminish any fear you ever had.

‘So what is fear?’


Well, again, I’d define this word myself. It is ‘to be afraid of something that is still uncertain whether it would be successful or not.’

If you do something and you’re afraid of that it will turn no good or fail.
That is fear.

Fear is the most common cause of the human’s failure.
When you’re doing something and you have a lot of fears that it will fail, trust me, it will definitely fail.
A work that is done by having any fear will turn to no good.

Whatever you do, just don’t ever let fear control your mind.
It’s okay to feel it for once but when you realize it, be sure to let it out of your mind.

Fear is the opposite of faith.
While you have no doubt when you’re having faith, on the contrary, you have a lot of doubts when you’re facing fear. There would be many ‘What if…?’ running in your mind. Haunting you for every second. Such a dreadful feeling, no? Who want to feel such thing? Not me, of course. -_-

So, what you need to make your wishes come true is faith. Be sure that you deserve what you ask for, keep optimistic that you’ll definitely get it, and keep aside all of your fears and doubts when you’re facing them. Have no fear! Then you’ll definitely get it!

Well, then. I guess that’s all. I just want to share about all things I mentioned above.
Hope it would be useful and helpful to make your life better. 🙂


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