The Star

Okay…I’m just copying things that were posted in my facebook notes.

It was written by me, of course.

This one is an analogy about star.

Here is the post.


I’d say, the most thing I like about the night is the star.
Yes, the star up in the sky.
Have you ever wondered why the star is nowhere to be seen at day?
It’s because the greedy sun shines so brightly that you can barely look at the stars.
They’re still there. Up above us.
You just can’t see it because of the sun.
The blinding light of the sun is getting rid of the stars’.
However, the sun itself is a star.
The sun makes us thing that it’s the only star up there at day.
But you’ll see a lot of stars showing themselves at night.
Shining their wonderful lights.
Expressing their true selves.
Without holding back.
Because there’s no sun.
Nothing trying to make them unseen anymore.

Sometimes, I feel like the star represents myself pretty much.
And that’s why I like the star.
My existence is not that important at day.
But I’ll definitely show myself off soon enough.
Ah, yes.
I am a star, waiting for night to come. 🙂


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