That perfect dress…

So, you get yourself a new dress.

And what did happen to the dress you anxiously wanted before?

Of course, it has been taken.

But you still keep on hoping that you will, someday, have that gorgeous dress.

Though someone has taken it.

Because it is still shining like it was before.

Because that dress is still better than your current dress.

Because you think that dress will look good on you rather than it looks on the current owner.

Yet, you can’t afford it just now. It’s already taken anyway.

Are you going to fight just for a goddamn dress?

Come on, you’re not a kid anymore. It doesn’t worth fighting for.

But, you stare at it. Yes, you still stare at it. Can’t take your eyes off it.

You’re too late. Yes, you know it.

Instead, why don’t you just be thankful of what you have?

You’re lucky too have such nice dress.

It’s not a kind of dress that everyone will have,anyway.

Though it’s not better than the dress that you wanted.

Though it’s not shining like that dress.

You look good with your current dress.

Trust me.

Try to like your new dress.

Honestly, I begin to do so too. I like my dress. No, I love it! 🙂

I know. Thank you for reminding me that.


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