“Okay, time keeps going on its own pace.

We’re not the same like who we were before.

And that dress? Are you still adoring that dress?

Nah, you’re just too bored to do so.

It doesn’t belong to you anyway.

So if you stop adoring that dress, do you still like your current dress?

You start thinking, maybe it doesn’t fit you well like it did before?

And your current dress is just too tight for you now.

It’s choking you.

It’s torturing you.

It’s hurting all over your body.

But you still love it.

Oh, really?

Are you sure that you still love it?

Even though it’s hurting you so bad?

You don’t know.

You just…

Don’t know…


Well, now you’re looking to some new dresses at the store.

It’s not that bad, actually.

It’s fine.

However, you just don’t feel anything toward them.

It is ‘plain’.

You don’t feel a thing.

No feeling.

No feeling at all.

Maybe it’s because your current dress?

Or maybe because you’re just crazy?”

“Okay, I admit it. I am crazy.

Thanks for reminding me that.”


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