Depressed thought.

When things aren’t heading to the direction of where you want it to be.

Whenever you feel like you’re having the worst luck of all people out there that you think that anything you do will turn to no good.

When something brings you down so bad that you can barely live the day.

When someone hurts your feeling badly that makes you want to kill that guy.

When you are envious of someone else’s successful life while you’re struggling with your life.

When you feel that your life is so miserable that it will never be better at all.

When you feel like it’s better for you to die than living on this pathetic life.

When you think that this world is unfair that you never get what you want.


Breathe in deeply. Then release slowly.

You are not alone.
I’ve been there,
someone else has been there too.

But you got to keep living.
Because it’s far from the end.

Life keeps on changing.
So everything won’t remain the same.

You are gorgeous.
You are smart.
You are talented.
You are invincible.

You have the strengths and you have what it takes to turn it better.

Just have faith on yourself.

It’s not that you are hopeless.
It’s just that you don’t realize of what you’re capable of.
It’s just that you still not knowing your true potential.

Your mind defines you. So stay positive.

So you’d better go out there and kick-ass!


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