Depressed thought.

When things aren’t heading to the direction of where you want it to be.

Whenever you feel like you’re having the worst luck of all people out there that you think that anything you do will turn to no good.

When something brings you down so bad that you can barely live the day.

When someone hurts your feeling badly that makes you want to kill that guy.

When you are envious of someone else’s successful life while you’re struggling with your life.

When you feel that your life is so miserable that it will never be better at all.

When you feel like it’s better for you to die than living on this pathetic life.

When you think that this world is unfair that you never get what you want.


Breathe in deeply. Then release slowly.

You are not alone.
I’ve been there,
someone else has been there too.

But you got to keep living.
Because it’s far from the end.

Life keeps on changing.
So everything won’t remain the same.

You are gorgeous.
You are smart.
You are talented.
You are invincible.

You have the strengths and you have what it takes to turn it better.

Just have faith on yourself.

It’s not that you are hopeless.
It’s just that you don’t realize of what you’re capable of.
It’s just that you still not knowing your true potential.

Your mind defines you. So stay positive.

So you’d better go out there and kick-ass!



“Okay, time keeps going on its own pace.

We’re not the same like who we were before.

And that dress? Are you still adoring that dress?

Nah, you’re just too bored to do so.

It doesn’t belong to you anyway.

So if you stop adoring that dress, do you still like your current dress?

You start thinking, maybe it doesn’t fit you well like it did before?

And your current dress is just too tight for you now.

It’s choking you.

It’s torturing you.

It’s hurting all over your body.

But you still love it.

Oh, really?

Are you sure that you still love it?

Even though it’s hurting you so bad?

You don’t know.

You just…

Don’t know…


Well, now you’re looking to some new dresses at the store.

It’s not that bad, actually.

It’s fine.

However, you just don’t feel anything toward them.

It is ‘plain’.

You don’t feel a thing.

No feeling.

No feeling at all.

Maybe it’s because your current dress?

Or maybe because you’re just crazy?”

“Okay, I admit it. I am crazy.

Thanks for reminding me that.”

That perfect dress…

So, you get yourself a new dress.

And what did happen to the dress you anxiously wanted before?

Of course, it has been taken.

But you still keep on hoping that you will, someday, have that gorgeous dress.

Though someone has taken it.

Because it is still shining like it was before.

Because that dress is still better than your current dress.

Because you think that dress will look good on you rather than it looks on the current owner.

Yet, you can’t afford it just now. It’s already taken anyway.

Are you going to fight just for a goddamn dress?

Come on, you’re not a kid anymore. It doesn’t worth fighting for.

But, you stare at it. Yes, you still stare at it. Can’t take your eyes off it.

You’re too late. Yes, you know it.

Instead, why don’t you just be thankful of what you have?

You’re lucky too have such nice dress.

It’s not a kind of dress that everyone will have,anyway.

Though it’s not better than the dress that you wanted.

Though it’s not shining like that dress.

You look good with your current dress.

Trust me.

Try to like your new dress.

Honestly, I begin to do so too. I like my dress. No, I love it! 🙂

I know. Thank you for reminding me that.

The Star

Okay…I’m just copying things that were posted in my facebook notes.

It was written by me, of course.

This one is an analogy about star.

Here is the post.


I’d say, the most thing I like about the night is the star.
Yes, the star up in the sky.
Have you ever wondered why the star is nowhere to be seen at day?
It’s because the greedy sun shines so brightly that you can barely look at the stars.
They’re still there. Up above us.
You just can’t see it because of the sun.
The blinding light of the sun is getting rid of the stars’.
However, the sun itself is a star.
The sun makes us thing that it’s the only star up there at day.
But you’ll see a lot of stars showing themselves at night.
Shining their wonderful lights.
Expressing their true selves.
Without holding back.
Because there’s no sun.
Nothing trying to make them unseen anymore.

Sometimes, I feel like the star represents myself pretty much.
And that’s why I like the star.
My existence is not that important at day.
But I’ll definitely show myself off soon enough.
Ah, yes.
I am a star, waiting for night to come. 🙂

Faith and Fear

Okay. I’ve been being hiatus for about 4 months or more.

“What did I do?”, you might ask me.

I was too lazy to update this blog. Oh well. Bad reason, eh?

Now, while I’ve got the time, I’m going to post something.

This time it’s about FAITH AND FEAR.

‘What is the most incredible thing about human?’, you might ask. It , I personally assume, the five lettered word we always hear of, that is…


Yes, faith.
Sure, it might be related to religion things. But that’s exactly not what I want to write right now.
I would define that word as, ‘to believe in something fully even when there’s possibility that can ruin that belief itself.’

Have faith of something and somehow, it would become real even in no time at all.
You could almost do everything that one might say, ‘impossible’, when you have faith on it.
And that would explain about why human think that God or another existence had given them any help.

People pray to God. Wishing that they would be given money, better life, health, friends, everything.
That won’t come true if those people don’t believe that they deserve it.
We can say, they still don’t have faith about it. And what did they get?
Of course. Nothing.

But when you prayed to God. And you worked for it. You will feel that you deserve everything that you prayed before. Then, that will be the time when you earn everything you ever wished for.
How does it sound like? Who doesn’t want that,eh?

‘So, is it that simple?’, you might ask once again.
Well that’s quite conditional, so I’d answer that with both Yes and No.
-Yes, it is that simple if only you can have faith on things without any doubt in your mind.
-No, if you’re still having doubts or fears while you’re doing that ‘something’.

Basically, in order to be in faith you need to diminish any fear you ever had.

‘So what is fear?’


Well, again, I’d define this word myself. It is ‘to be afraid of something that is still uncertain whether it would be successful or not.’

If you do something and you’re afraid of that it will turn no good or fail.
That is fear.

Fear is the most common cause of the human’s failure.
When you’re doing something and you have a lot of fears that it will fail, trust me, it will definitely fail.
A work that is done by having any fear will turn to no good.

Whatever you do, just don’t ever let fear control your mind.
It’s okay to feel it for once but when you realize it, be sure to let it out of your mind.

Fear is the opposite of faith.
While you have no doubt when you’re having faith, on the contrary, you have a lot of doubts when you’re facing fear. There would be many ‘What if…?’ running in your mind. Haunting you for every second. Such a dreadful feeling, no? Who want to feel such thing? Not me, of course. -_-

So, what you need to make your wishes come true is faith. Be sure that you deserve what you ask for, keep optimistic that you’ll definitely get it, and keep aside all of your fears and doubts when you’re facing them. Have no fear! Then you’ll definitely get it!

Well, then. I guess that’s all. I just want to share about all things I mentioned above.
Hope it would be useful and helpful to make your life better. 🙂

Random Sketches 1

I got bored recently.

So I began randomly sketching.

Well, it can be anything but good, since this is my first time. But practice makes perfect, right? Then I guess I just need to draw as many as I can to improve my skill. Am I getting it right?

Okay these are the sketches.

Miss Gorgeous xD

Random Girl.LOL

Miss Gorgeous pt.2 xD

Well, I drew it on my sketch book. In order to upload them, I took these sketches with my cell phone. No wonder it looks bad right?

Oh, how I wish I have a scanner or tablet right now.  *sigh*

Post comments, will you? Please? Please? Thank you. 😀

Miss Gorgeous


A song…

Made by me…

I know it’s not good. But I want to put it here anyway.

What? You don’t like it? Have mercy, please? I stayed awake for about 3 hours just to think and record this, and you just here to tell me that you don’t like it?


What a life… 😦

I wonder if she knew that this song is about her. I wonder what she might think if she found out about this. Should I care? Oh, yeah of course, since it’s about me too. Anyway, enough with my personal story.

Okay here’s the lyrics (I know it’s not good. English is not my native language anyway. If you find out some grammatical errors, just pretend that you don’t, okay? I know you can be trusted.) Thank you. 😀

You can be so beautiful if you want
But you throw those glasses as you want
As if nobody’s gonna take your heart
Now that you’re captivating me
And I guess I just can’t get it free
Can you tell me something dear?

Somehow I was sitting in
front of you at that time

Somehow I began admiring you
since that time

I still remember the way you laughed
the way you talked to me
Oh, how I love those wonderful eyes

Don’t you know that it made me
as in heaven when you smiled
Maybe lil bit overacted but that’s what I felt

Somehow I was sitting in
front of you at that time

Somehow I began admiring you
since that time

There there miss gorgeous,
Is it possible for me to take your heart away?
Hey hey miss gorgeous,
Well I’m wondering of what do you think about me?

Now it’s been such a long time
I wonder how can I get another look at you?

Just like what people say then
there’s only one first impression,right?

Somehow I was sitting in
front of you at that time

Somehow I began admiring you
since that time

There there miss gorgeous,
Is it possible for me to take your heart away?
Hey hey miss gorgeous,
Well I’m wondering of what do you think about me?

But please let me know one thing

Will I ever see you again?
Cause that’s the only thing that I want

And here’s the link to my song (don’t worry, it doesn’t contain virus, worm, spyware, or whatever, though you might think my voice is as bad as virus.LOL)

Click HERE

Well, the end, guys. Are you still alive? LOL